From outlining injury prevention programs to assessing an acute knee injury, from developing a runner’s asthma action plan to treating chronic back pain in a dancer, Dr. Koutures strives to use his pediatric and sports medicine training to provide a full spectrum of non-operative care for any injury or illness related to sport or performance. To successfully appreciate the demands on an athlete or performer, Dr. Koutures considers biomechanical issues, potential nutritional deficiencies, training schedules and developmental concerns to help provide a comprehensive and personalized evaluation. Many situations do not have a textbook answer, thus a well-informed patient and family can help make an educated decision about the appropriate diagnostic and treatment plan. Dr. Koutures strongly believes in the team approach- regularly communicating with primary medical professionals, instructors, coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other key personnel- to help maximize athletic and artistic performance both in the short-term and to foster life-long healthy exercise habits.

ORTHOPEDIC CONCERNS- Any bone or joint injury, with an interest in complex cases, questions over surgical vs. non-surgical options, or issues particular to the growing skeleton of the young athlete/performer. SPEAKING AND PRESENTATIONS
Dr. Koutures regularly gives talks on sports and performance medicine topics to parents, coaches, administrators and fellow medical professionals on local, statewide and national levels. Past presentations have included
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